Switch Statement in Python

There is no keyword as switch in python. But there is easy and pythonic way to write switch statement in python. let say you have function which accept different parameter and take different actions on that example: We can convert this into dictionary and create multiple individual functions or lambda functions as: OR you can... Continue Reading →


PyCharm and Intellij KeyBoard Shortcuts

I use pycharm in┬ámy daily jobs. I love PyCharm IDE as it's one of the best in market if you do the programming in Python. I always find it easier and faster when I use the keyboard compare to mouse while writing, searching or navigating the code. Note: Use Mac 10.5+ Kyemapping -> Preference ->... Continue Reading →

map, filter and reduce with lambda in Python

Python has three really useful functions to use with lambda called map, reduce and filter. I would like to highlight, some basic use of these functions in python: lambda: lambda is utility to quickly create the function in one line. You can consider it as one line function as well. Let'e take example: Let's say... Continue Reading →

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