How to Use Docker For Your Software, Automation Framework and Tools

Since some day I have been playing with docker to make it part of our CI. I would like to put my thought here and benefit of using docker. So first of all, let's understand what is Docker: Docker is open source platform which help to package, distribute and run your application.Docker provider efficient and... Continue Reading →


Setup Android on System

Install Java on your system ( Download either android SDK/Android Studio, it doesn't matter what you choose, to get the android SDK downloaded: Install the Android SDK To make android commands works from any location of your system, please do following: OSX/LINUX: vim ~/.bash_profile or vim ~/.bashrc add following lines on you .bashprofile/.bashrc files... Continue Reading →

How to debug Android Devices

Debugging android devices is relatively easy compare to iOS/Windows because android is based on Linux platform and it's open source. Let's directly jump into the debugging of Android devices: Setup Android on you system: Let's debug the device now: connect your android device with system now and run following command: To check the device... Continue Reading →

Different Ways to Reverse the String in Java

Using the toCharArray and swap the location of the char public static String firstWayToReverse(String str) { if (str == null) { return null; } char[] charStr = str.toCharArray(); for (int i = 0; i < charStr.length / 2; i++) { char temp = charStr[i]; charStr[i] = charStr[charStr.length - (i + 1)]; charStr[charStr.length - (i +... Continue Reading →

Different Ways to Mock Using Mockito in Java

Berief introduction about 'Mockito" => Mockito is a framework which allow to mock the objects and mock objects basically imitate the real world objects and their behavior. There are several Way to Mock object or method using Mockito. Let's jump straight into find out different ways to Mock using Mockito: First way: import org.mockito.Mockito; public class... Continue Reading →

UNIT Testing VS Integration Testing

There seem to be lot of confusion around Unit Testing Vs Integration Testing. So I thought, I should be writing something about it, to clarify on it: Unit Testing The main purpose of unit testing is testing the smallest part of logical unit or behavior of the system. Logical unit can extend to single method... Continue Reading →

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