How I launch Golang Web App Using Docker

I have recently build and launch one monitoring web app in my current company. which to monitor our internal test and services running on different environment. I have build the app on go(golang) which I have really enjoyed to work. This is the technology stack I used: golang(backend) Gorrila (rest api) javascript chart libraries(d3.js, crossfilter.js... Continue Reading →


Setup Chrome in Docker

I have been playing with docker since some time and trying to setup different environment with it. Recently I have issue to setup chrome on docker. Usually any software or api works in docker out of box without any extra setup. However for chrome I found it's kind of tricky. Let's ask first ask the... Continue Reading →

How to Start with Docker- First Step

I have been playing with docker since some time and finding it really useful for development or testing. The one thing which I really like about docker is easy of use and setup. It gives freedom to use any application without worrying about your operating system. It specially useful for running any application without worrying... Continue Reading →

How to Use Docker For Your Software, Automation Framework and Tools

Since some day I have been playing with docker to make it part of our CI. I would like to put my thought here and benefit of using docker. So first of all, let's understand what is Docker: Docker is open source platform which help to package, distribute and run your application.Docker provider efficient and... Continue Reading →

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