Switch Statement in Python

There is no keyword as switch in python. But there is easy and pythonic way to write switch statement in python. let say you have function which accept different parameter and take different actions on that example: We can convert this into dictionary and create multiple individual functions or lambda functions as: OR you can... Continue Reading →


Serverless Custom Configuration

You might want to have different configuration for test env and separate configuration for prod environment. This article aim to give idea

Serverless With Flask

Since, some time I have been using serverless and found that it's really awesome technology and give lot of freedom and flexibility. Specially as individual developer if you need to deploy your code without any cost and run cheaply, there is nothing better than serverless. On this tutorial, I will try make a simple api... Continue Reading →

Named Tuple & Enum in Python

Python has two very nice data structure called namedtuple and enum which are not that much been use in day to day python coding considering their usefulness. Let's start with namedtuple: namedtuple lib is part of collections package. As name suggest it's kind of tuple which is immutable(unchangeable) with named arguments. Let's see the syntax... Continue Reading →

Remote Debugging Using PyCharm

I had hard time to setup remote debugging using PyCharm. One of the reason is lack of documentation about exact steps to setup the remote debugging. I recently successfully setup remote debugging in pycharm. So these steps should work if you are trying to do the same. Presumption: I am assuming that you have PyCharm... Continue Reading →

My Development Setup – Django/JavaScript

One of the thing I fee really important for developer to have a easy to use development env. including sync files to dev env, db access, easily to push the code or working with git, tracking tickets(I use jira). This post can help someone have similar dev env and would like to improve it. Just... Continue Reading →

There are different methods which we can use to get, create and update the django models. You can learn more about this in great detail from django documentation. This is more of summarization of methods which I usually use while developing models in django. Let's jump into the code without going much into details: We... Continue Reading →

Basic of Mocking Explained in Python

While writing the unit tests there are lot of instances when we would like to test the method which is calling third api's  or having dependency on different methods.This article if for beginners, who want to start testing using mocking. What is Mocking: When you test a method(Called A) which has dependency on different methods... Continue Reading →

PyCharm and Intellij KeyBoard Shortcuts

I use pycharm in my daily jobs. I love PyCharm IDE as it's one of the best in market if you do the programming in Python. I always find it easier and faster when I use the keyboard compare to mouse while writing, searching or navigating the code. Note: Use Mac 10.5+ Kyemapping -> Preference ->... Continue Reading →

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