Remote Debugging Using PyCharm

I had hard time to setup remote debugging using PyCharm. One of the reason is lack of documentation about exact steps to setup the remote debugging.

I recently successfully setup remote debugging in pycharm. So these steps should work if you are trying to do the same.


  • I am assuming that you have PyCharm with Licenses version install
  • You have remote dev machine which you can ssh


    Let’s get into the exact steps to setup it.


  • Go to Preferences -> Build, Execution, Deployment -> Deployment
  • Select Add Server and setup using SFTP with follwoing values





  • Setup project interpreter by providing remote interpreter location. You can also click on settings(icon) and select your dev env setup above. It should automatically setup for you.


  • Now you just need to configure the deployment of your system as below:
    • This will automatically transfer files for you on dev env(remote ssh steup above)
    • Override the files as git does. So it almost works really smooth.


  • Next step to install the pydev on your system as: pip install pydevd
  • Do same pip installation on your remove dev.
  • Now add these lines in your or
    • import pydevd; pydevd.settrace(‘’, port=21000, suspend=False
  • To get the ip address run this command: ifconfig (mac) and ipconfig(linux)image_ifconfig
  • replace this IP address <inet> in code to the above command (settrace)
  • Sync this file with dev machine or it will automatically sync if you have done the first two steps. Now reload django.
  • Now click on debug to start debugging.debug-pycharm


If you want to have full setup of PyCharm, you can read this post:

Hope this will help to setup the remote debugging on your system.


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