My Development Setup – Django/JavaScript

One of the thing I fee really important for developer to have a easy to use development env. including sync files to dev env, db access, easily to push the code or working with git, tracking tickets(I use jira). This post can help someone have similar dev env and would like to improve it.

Just to give overview about the setup:

I use django in my current workplace. I have been working with django/Backbone/react-js. I have remote dev machines where we need to push the files to test code changes. We use git as version control system. As you can see, it’s pretty standard configuration.

One of the thing which make my work easier to do is having  nice development env setup which make everything really easy for me.

These are typically the steps to develop in remote env:

  1. Make change locally.
  2. ssh to dev env
  3. Push changed files to dev env.
  4. reload the django in remove env to see the changes.
  5. Go to step 1 until you satisfy your changes.
  6. Now play the git game -> git add + git commit + git push


My Setup to make development an awesome experience:

As I use the django/python, there is no better(believe me) IDE as PyCharm. If you get the license version of pycharm, it will give you in build UI tool to see the database changes, remote debuggong(must if you have remote dev machine).

If you don’t use remote env, you might be OK with having all other feature without having license version.

You can download the file from my github repo:

If you want to setup your system for remote debugging using pycharm. I have written a different blog for it. Here is the link:

and follow the steps define in github repo.


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