How to Start with Docker- First Step

I have been playing with docker since some time and finding it really useful for development or testing. The one thing which I really like about docker is easy of use and setup. It gives freedom to use any application without worrying about your operating system. It specially useful for running any application without worrying about setup process with all it’s dependencies.

What is Docker and Why it’s useful

Let me explain you in layman language, what is docker:

Docker is a tool which provide containers. So let’s understand, what is container.

If you have heard about virtualization or VM(Virtual Machine). Virtual Machine run separate OS in top of the base operating system.If anything happen with the VM, it doesn’t effect the base operating system. Container is the same concept except instead of virtualizing whole operating system, it only virtualize the resources  which your applications using which make it more lighter than actual VM. So if your docker break down, if won’t effect anything else on your system. Docker run on it’s own bubble which you can use and through.

Now, How to learn more about docker , start with below links, which will give you enough information about the Docker:

Start from here:

Why should you use:

Or If you like to learn using Videos, here is introduction:

Now go here:

Setup Docker

  1. Download the docker setup(MAC or Windows) from this link:
  2. Install the docker
  3. After installation done. Go to the location where docker installI(For Mac it would be application and Windows it would be Desktop/Programs)
  4. Quick way to open Docker to select or open “Docker Quickstart Terminal”
  5. Wait for Docker to setup virtual env for you on your system and open Terminal
  6. To quickly test if docker has been setup correctly run this: docker run ubuntu /bin/echo ‘Hello World’  (it should print ‘Hello World’)

Get Access of Docker Hub

There is concept of docker hub in Docker world where you can save all your images as public or private, to access private images you need access as GitHub/Stash need.

To Get the access of Docker Hub of please follow below instruction:

  1. Go to this link:
  2. Sign Up on Docker Hub and create you account Docker Hub

Use Existing Docker Hub Images

After you get register with Docker Hub. May be you want to use one of the existing public docker images. Let’s say you want to access and use one of the image:

Let’s start with hello-world example on docker hub:

docker pull hello-world

To run this docker image:

docker run hello-world

Where to go Now:

You can visit this link to check out more examples and learn:



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