Setup Android on System

  1. Install Java on your system (
  2. Download either android SDK/Android Studio, it doesn’t matter what you choose, to get the android SDK downloaded:

Install the Android SDK
To make android commands works from any location of your system, please do following:

  • vim ~/.bash_profile or vim ~/.bashrc
  • add following lines on you .bashprofile/.bashrc files
  • export ANDROID_HOME=””
  • export PATH=${PATH}:/platform-tools
  • export PATH=${PATH}:/tool
  • Restart your terminal


  • In the Environment Variables window, select the PATH line item in the Systems Variables section, then click the Edit button
    Add following lines
  • Save it
  • Run command on terminal : adb
  • You should be seeing following on terminal.
    Android Debug Bridge version 1.0.32
    Revision 09a0d98bebce-android
    < all the adb options>

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