Setup Chrome in Docker

I have been playing with docker since some time and trying to setup different environment with it. Recently I have issue to setup chrome on docker. Usually any software or api works in docker out of box without any extra setup. However for chrome I found it’s kind of tricky. Let’s ask first ask the…… Continue reading Setup Chrome in Docker

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Create, Get and Update from Django Models

There are different methods which we can use to get, create and update the django models. You can learn more about this in great detail from django documentation. This is more of summarization of methods which I usually use while developing models in django. Let's jump into the code without going much into details: We… Continue reading Create, Get and Update from Django Models

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Basic of Mocking Explained in Python

While writing the unit tests there are lot of instances when we would like to test the method which is calling third api’s  or having dependency on different methods.This article if for beginners, who want to start testing using mocking. What is Mocking: When you test a method(Called A) which has dependency on different methods…… Continue reading Basic of Mocking Explained in Python

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PyCharm and Intellij KeyBoard Shortcuts

I use pycharm in my daily jobs. I love PyCharm IDE as it’s one of the best in market if you do the programming in Python. I always find it easier and faster when I use the keyboard compare to mouse while writing, searching or navigating the code. Note: Use Mac 10.5+ Kyemapping -> Preference ->…… Continue reading PyCharm and Intellij KeyBoard Shortcuts

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procps tool on Linux for process

procps is very useful package, specially if you want to check the jobs, load or any system process information. Some of the useful tools available on procps are as below: Find out the load average:     uptime: -> uptime 10:46 up 6 days, 5:29, 4 users, load averages: 1.84 2.09 2.06 uptime gives the information since…… Continue reading procps tool on Linux for process

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Some useful itertools functions in python

One of my favorite module in python is itertools as it has plenty of useful function to use. I am highlighting some of the  function which I used often. itertools mostly used when you want to iterate over some sort of data. There are lot of function which been implemented in itertools, however there are some…… Continue reading Some useful itertools functions in python


map, filter and reduce with lambda in Python

Python has three really useful functions to use with lambda called map, reduce and filter. I would like to highlight, some basic use of these functions in python: lambda: lambda is utility to quickly create the function in one line. You can consider it as one line function as well. Let’e take example: Let’s say…… Continue reading map, filter and reduce with lambda in Python

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Build Test Framework for WPF Apps

Recently I build a test framework for WPF apps on windows. When I started the project, I wanted to use open source tools and wanted to make easy to add test and flexible to use for future use. I am happy to share that project and uploaded on github: Technology Used: C#, White tool ,…… Continue reading Build Test Framework for WPF Apps